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Jetboil Minimo Cooking System Promo Colour - FREE COFFEE PRESS

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Jetboil Minimo Cooking System Promo Colour - FREE COFFEE PRESS

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JetBoil Minimo Personal Cooking System (PCS) - FREE JETBOIL GRANDE COFFEE PRESS

  • It’s not just about boiling, it’s about cooking.
  • MiniMo delivers UNMATCHED simmer control, metal handles, and a low spoon angle for easy eating!
  • Starting with the innovative new valve design, MiniMo delivers the finest simmer control of any upright canister system on the market.
  • Thanks to our proprietary regulator technology and enhanced regulator diaphragm, MiniMo ensures this consistent performance down to 20°F (-6°C).
  • It’s redesigned cooking cup, the perfect combination of size, sturdy metal handles, and optimized height, provides users with an easy-to-eat experience.

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Sizing: Personal

Colour: Carbon


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