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Nemo Astro Air 20R Pad

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Nemo Astro Air 20R Pad

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  • Our Astro™ series pads are built to bring maximum comfort to adventures like backpacking, where weight and packed size are critical.
  • These pads have a generous 3” thickness, durable polyester fabric and a raised portion at the head end to supplement your pillow.
  • The baffles in Astro™ pads run across their width, perpendicular to your arms and legs, making their contours barely noticeable.
  • Inflation is done with your lungs or with the clever Disco™ Pad Pump, sold separately.
  • Astro™ pads include a stuff sack, compression strap, and repair patches.
  • Paired with the optional Pillowtop™ accessory, this pad was winner of the 2011 Backpacker magazine Editors’ Choice award.
  • Be sure to check out the complete line of Nemo Mats, Pillows, Blankets and Accessories

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