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2019 Eureka National Rebate Program

Posted November 30, 2018 | News

Be sure to select a Eureka Product between March 1st - June 15th & Receive your 2019

 Eureka Cash Back Rebate! which you can do on-line. [Activated by Eureka on March 1, 2019]

Pre-Orders will start in January 2019.
As soon as 2019 Eureka Rebate Product arrives in March and is shippped out or picked up you will receive your product with the Rebate Information on the products and just pop onto the site and apply for your Cash Back.

2019 National Rebate Program
It’s time to “Cash In” and Find Your Eureka! Moments with the 2019 National Rebate Program!
From March 1st. to July 15th. 2019, Eureka! will be offering an online rebate program on select products. 

What’s included?  
$20.00 Rebate ~ [Backcountry Camping]: Midori 1 Solo Tent, Midori 2 Plus Tent, Midori 3 Plus Tent 
$40.00 Rebate ~ [Family/Car Camping]: Boondocker 6 Hotel TentGET YOUR REBATE! 

How does the redemption process work? On the sticker, there are instructions directing you to an online form. There you will submit your information for processing to receive the rebate. 

Will a customer be able to “mail in” their information? No. This is an online only promotion. 

How is payment redeemed? Rebate recipients will receive prepaid visa cards by mail after completing the registration process. [CDN FUNDS] 

How long will it take to receive the rebate amount?  8 to 12 Weeks

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