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Mud and Suds & Little Muckers Fun Run 2019

Posted May 30, 2019 | News

Wow - Thunder Bay you are amazing...

You raised $20,000.00 for Heart & Stroke Thunder Bay!

You raised $28,000.00 for Camp Quality Thunder Bay!

Special Shout out to The Kardas Family; Pat, Jason & Daniel for putting on an amazing event.


Year II at Mount Baldy

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Gear Up Will be on site throughout the weekend with a display tent; showing the latest in bug lotions, sunscreens and gear... Special Coupons available.

Shasta will be out again helping out and always loves to be loved.



Gather all your friends and come on out June 15th in support of the Heart & Stroke for the best Mud and Suds event yet! We will have lots of new obstacles and tons of prizes!

Saturday June 15th & Sunday June 16th at Mount Baldy. 

Start Time at 11:00am [See The following sites for addtional information]

Contact Information: Event Line (807) 683-8441 

Muds & Suds / Little Muckers Web Page

Muds & Suds / Little Muckers Facebook Page  

Mud & Suds in support of Thunder Bay Heart & Stroke

Saturday June 15th/2019.

Mud and Suds is a funtastic 5km(ish) Mud and Foam Run complete with tonnes of obstacles and even a cold suds beer stop!  Open to both men and women, teams or individuals you can expect to conquer Mount Baldy through muck, madness and SUDS! 

  • The event is scheduled for Saturday, June 15th, 2019.  

Looking for an extra challenge?  You can sign up in the timed/competitive category.  

Little Muckers in support of the NW Ontario Chapter of Camp Quality

Sunday June 16th/2019. 

Little Mucker’s is an awesome mud, foam and obstacle race for kids 12 years of age and under (12 year old’s are also able to race in the regular event, you can decide which one would be most appropriate for them).   Kids will have their own shorter course with fun obstacles, mud pits and our new addition ….BUBBLES LOTS OF BUBBLES!  Older kids can do it on their own, smaller kids may need the help of a parent (we suggest that children be at least 4 years of age)

Little Muckers/Mud Princess Race – Due to the overwhelming popularity of these events, we will once again have a fun filled muddy time for kids with their own course complete with fun obstacles and foam as well, of course!  This race is geared for children 12 years of age and under 

  • The event is scheduled for Saturday, June 15th, 2019. 

Fun Pictures of this years event... [Mud & Suds 2018]

And the winners are... [Mud & Suds 2018]

So Nice & Clean... Team Sweatclub Fitness 17 + 1 Whacky Rooster... [Mud & Suds 2018]

Team Dirty Bandits... Finished and Hosed off... 
Shasta was out greeting the girls back from their race...
So much fun & the Newbie did awesome... [Mud & Suds 2018]

A Mud Run??? Team Sweatclub Fitness Sliding and Swimming...
Damn there is more Mud Ahead... [Mud & Suds 2018]

Team Sweatclub Fitness...
Hey no stopping there are 6 more obstacles before you cross the finish line... [Mud & Suds 2018]

Team Sweatclub Fitness... Ewww Yuck... Last Obstacle... 
Oh Ya... It's a Mud Run... [Mud & Suds 2018]

Atop of the World... Look at the View... 
Opps better get a move on girl... We're only halfway! 
[Mud & Suds 2018]

I can't let go...Just Let Go... [Mud & Suds 2018]

Drum Roll Please...  [Mud & Suds 2018]
$25,032.65 Raised Locally for the local chapter of the Canadian Cancer Society - Thunder Bay.

Dan Kardas  - The Biggest Kid of them all... 2019 .... Bigger, Better, Muddier...

One of the 3 Co-Brother Owners of Mount Baldy... These guys did an amazing job to put this event on... [Mud & Suds 2018] 

Whacky Wings hosted an after dinner party where 15% of the proceeds went to Camp Quality...
[Little Muckers 2018]

Jason Kardas... Learning how to spin some tunes... 
Awesome Announcing and Music over the weekend... [Little Muckers 2018]

Lots of Fun, Lots too do and lots of teams particapted... in this years event.... [Little Muckers 2018]

Sleeping Giant Brewery & Gear Up For Outdoors Ltd.   [Little Muckers 2018]
Some of the Great Sponsors for this Year's 2018 Innagural Event....

Kristof & Jason Kardas thanking all the amazing Volunteers fromThe Cancer Society & Camp Quality during this years event... Thank You [Little Muckers 2018]

Drum Roll Please... [Little Muckers 2018]
$15,069.00 Raised Locally for the local chapter of Camp Quality - Thunder Bay. 

Be sure to keep posted or call Mount Baldy and talk with either Jason, Danny or Kristof... 

Contact the Mount Baldy Team for additional information on ATV & Snowmobile Runs as well as Ski/Snowboard/Snowshoe/Tubing ... 

 Pics from the 2017 Mud & Suds/Little Muckers Event 

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