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Wake The Giant

Posted September 11, 2019 | News



Sandra & Jon Wynn along with their incredible staff are very supportive of the Wake The Giant Multi-Phase Project.

Gear Up has partnered with many other local businesses, organizations & schools within the City of Thunder Bay as an initiative with Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School to develop safe spaces, employee education and Logo Campaign of this tremendous initiative.

The Wake the Giant Project aims to contribute to co-creating an inclusive community by helping to identify and increase safe spaces in the City of Thunder Bay for Indigenous youth.

We are committed to teaching our employees and the community at large, to be welcoming to indigenous youth. The Wake The Giant Logo will come to represent a positive shift, and a symbol of ever-improving cross-cultural relations in Thunder Bay, and perhaps beyond.

Please be welcoming to these youths.  They need all the support they can get.  Walk a Mile in their shoes and show compassion and support to help them thrive as they approach adulthood while attending school in Thunder Bay.

Wake The Giant Launch & Video 

Facebook Video:

CBC: March 30,2019

APTN: March 27, 2019


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