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Bushline Fine Mesh Bug Jacket Pullover

$19.99 CAD 3072

Feel the breeze go through - the most desirable feature in spring and summer. Protection against: Mosquitoes, Black Flies, Sand Fleas, Deer Flies and all other bugs. Great to have when fishing, gardening, hiking, photography, hunting, tree planting, travel, camping, bird watching...and much much more!!! Optional Bug Packer Pants Available on Special Order!

    • Polyester mesh netting
    • Pullover style with zip back hood and zippered neck
    • Nylon waist and wrist cuffs
    • Ultralight, ideal for backpackers
    • Fine mesh mosquito netting construction, keeps out the smallest insects
    • Matching pant to the #3072 and #3085 bug jackets
    • Complete with stuff bag
    • Color: Olive Green
    • Sizing: S - 2XL
    • Fabric: Tightly fine mesh nylon, Bug Proof Mesh Sides
    • Camping, Gardening, Working