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Yeti Panga Submersible 50 Liter Waterproof Duffel

$400.00 CAD 70000000042

With our Panga dry duffel, you’re prepared with an ultra-durable storage bag, gear fortress, or just as your go-to duffel for off-the-grid adventures. Our fully-submersible duffel offers zero access points for rogue wetness and its rugged design —complete with a waterproof landing pad, laminated, high-density nylon, and a HydroLok Zipper—withstands getting dunked and dragged while keeping mud and water out and everything you’ve packed inside 100% dry.

  • EVA MOLDED BOTTOM: EVA molded bottom provides a sturdy and waterproof landing pad for the Panga
  • THICKSKIN SHELL: Laminated, high-density nylon is nearly impenetrable to nature’s assaults.
  • STOWAWAY MESH POCKETS: Two easy-to-access mesh pockets keep your valuables safely tucked away.
  • HYDROLOCK ZIPPER: This is where the magic happens. Water stays out. Everything inside stays dry.
  • METALLOCK HARDWARE: Tough-as-nails, simple-as-rocks.
  • QUICKGRAB LASH POINTS: Gear up quickly. Six total lash points are designed for versatile carrying strategies.
  • DRYHAUL STRAPS: Comfortable and durable – whether it’s strapped to you or the horse.
  • Please note: this product is not a cooler.
  • Size: One Size
  • Color: Smoke Grey
  • Dimensions: 10" x 23 ½" [25.4cm x 59.7cm]
  • Weight: 5.2Lbs [2.4kg]
  • Usages: Marine, Camping, Boating, Expedition