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Faber Bear Paw Traditional Snowshoe [125-250Lbs]

$262.99 CAD

Built with two tightly fit cross-bars tenons, the bear paw is a shorter but wider model.  Similar in shape to the sport model but lacks a tail. The lack of tail eases backward steps & maneuverability and helps turning around obstacles, great through dense underbrush. The heavy duty lacing is ideal for spring time conditions and wet snow...


  • Terrain: Thick underbrush and denser forest
  • Activity: Forested worker, Hunter and trapper
  • Snow condition: Melted and dry snow


14 x 30 [125 - 250lbs] Bear Paw Snowshoe

  • Powder snow or trail breaker: 125-166lbs [57-75kg]
  • Dry snow or trail: 166-208lbs [75-95kg]
  • Melted snow or packed trail: 292-350lbs [133-159kg] 

Made In Canada! Since 1870. 
Faber 150 years of Tradition & Development

    • MODEL:  33
    • TYPE/LACING: Super Duty, Heavy Duty Lacing 
    • OTHER NAME: Forested Bear Paw, Bearpaw
    • SHAPE: It is similar in shape to the sport model but lacks a tail. 
    • SIZE/WEIGHT:  14" x 30" [36x76cm], 4.50lbs [2.05kg]
    • RECOMMENDED WEIGHT:  125-250lbs [57-114kg]
    • CAPACITY: No Limit on packed trails
    • TERRAIN: Many forest & bushworkers as well as hunters enjoy the versatility of this model since the short nose allows them to get close to what they are working on while the lack of tail also allows them to easily carry and store the snowshoes.
    • ACTIVITY: This snowshoe is designed & recommended for thick underbrush and denser forest. 
    • CONDITION: The heavy duty lacing is ideal for spring time conditions and wet snow.
    • BINDINGS: Not included: Leather & Rubber Faber Bindings are available 


    • When choosing your snowshoe be sure you factor; User weight + footwear, clothing & the weight of your pack & gear!