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Stonz Sherpa Fleece Liner

$19.99 CAD LINR800BF

These versatile, ivory Linerz will coordinate with any of Stonz boy or girl bootie designs while keeping little ones warm and comfy. 
  • An extra layer of warmth for Stonz Booties
  • High-quality, Sherpa-fleece adds extra layer of warmth inside the same-sized Stonz Booties
  • Top of the Linerz can either be folded over the bootie or left tall for extra warmth under pants.
  • Machine wash and dry.
  • Made in Canada.

“I absolutely love your products. I was thrilled when the Linerz were added since we live in the north. I had to ensure his feet would stay warm, and your products definitely warm his toes.” - Leanne

  • Sizing: Small - XLarge
  • Colour: Unixex Ivory White colour alows them to be worn with all design
  • Quality Made in Canada Sherpa Fleece


  • Linerz will take up space inside booties making them fit slightly smaller