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Bushpro Flagging Tape Holder/Cutter

$19.95 CAD PC350

The newly designed Bushpro Flagging Tape Dispenser [Holder/Cutter] allows planters to easily dispense flagging tape with one hand.

    • This product is made up of 2 separate pieces which easily mount to any Bushpro shovel.
    • The cutter can be mounted in any location on the shovel or the front portion of the waist belt on Bushpro planting bags.
    • The cutter works like a dental floss cutter. After a piece of flagging tape is cut it's held in position and allows the user to easily grab for the next piece.
    • Flagging tape holder can accomodate roles of flagging tape with 1" internal diameters or greater.
    • Extremely light.
    • Very affordable and will greatly increase efficiency when dispensing flagging
    • An Optional Item
    • Bushpro Optional Shovel Item
    • Easily Mounts onto any shovel
    • 2 piece Mounting
    • Accommodates 1 roll of Flagging Tape