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Bushpro Hiballer Carbon Steel Tree Planting Shovel

$59.95 CAD PC291

The Bushpro Hiballer Carbon Steel Tree Planting Shovel is ranked #2 in the Tree Planting Shovel market behind that of the Bushpro Stainless Steel Hiballer Tree Planting Shovel complete with Comfort D handle. The Carbon Highballer is a Price Point Shovel & Can Not Be Customized. 

  • Exactly the same as it's stainless steel brother but in Carbon Steel & Hammertone Finish...
  • Almost identical to it's sibling the Speed Spade this shovel is just 1/2" wider.
  • A great price point shovel
  • Grade A North American hickory wood shafts stained blue or brown
  • 2 to 4 ounces lighter than before, just as strong and with the natural vibration absorbing properties that the wood provides.
  • Designed to easily penetrate the ground & assist in hole opening
  • The Carbon Steel Blade is designed to withstand the rigors of "Rock Prying"
  • Hands can follow the plug in more easily
  • Handle is interchangeable with any of Bushpro's handles
  • "Crank & offset have been added allowing the handle to be keep closer to the body making the shovel eaiser to use & safer."
  • Kickplates do not hang over the back of the shovel so you won't catch your fingers on them & root hang-ups are avoided.
  • 4 1/3" wide tapering to 3"
  • Weight 3 lbs 4 oz, can be reduced to as little as 2 lbs 11 oz with shortening of the shaft.
  • Shovel length from tip to top of handle - 34"
  • Minimum possible shovel length - 25.5
  • ONE SEASON warranty against blade breakage, bending or separation. 
  •  Compatible with all Bushpro Comfort Grip, Ergo Grip & Oval Grip handles.
    • #3 Selling Planting Shovel in North America complete with Comfort D handle
    • Grade A North American hickory wood shaft stained blue or brown
    • Carbon Steel Blade with a Hammertone Finish - A Single Season Guarantee
    • Blade Length: 8-5/8" [22cm]
    • Width: 4-1/3" [11cm] Tapering down to 3" [7.1cm]
    • Total Length: 34" [86.36cm]
    • Weight: Approx. 3 lb 3 lb. [1.42kg]
    • Minimum Possible Shovel Length: 25.5" [64.77cm]
    • Minimum Possible Weight: 2 lb 11oz [1.34kg]
    • ONE SEASON warranty against blade breakage, bending or separation.  

    Hiballer Carbon Steel Shovel: Definition of a Hiballer:
    A term used to describe the fastest planters on the crew. "I hiballed the crew today ~ I am a hiballer"