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Bushpro Plot Cord

$15.95 CAD PC085

Bushpro Plot cords are used to determine quality and density of a planted area and are usually available through the contractor at the start of the season. Some people try to get away with rope as an alternative. This will work for the short term, but will fray and fall apart after minimal use. Regularly monitoring your own quality will make you a better and faster planter. 
  • A plot cord is an essential piece of planting equipment.
  • Planters should not be allowed to plant without one.
  • The only way a planter can maintain proper spacing in the long term is by using the plot cord.
  • Colour: Pink
  • Size: 3.99m
  • Material: Heavy Duty Non-stretch Nylon cord.
  • Usage: Determining Plot Density.


  • This cord is 3.99 meters long and is made of rope, wire, chain, etc. (preferably clothesline).
  • I use a plot cord all the time when I plant, and usually try to throw a plot on myself at least after every second run, just to double-check my own density.
  • Some planters are reluctant to throw plots on themselves, but think about it – it takes you about one minute at the very most to throw a plot or two as you’re walking back to the cache, and if you catch spacing problems before they get out of control, you can save yourself hours of replanting.
  • I’m just amazed that some experienced planters practically refuse to throw plots on themselves – many of the best planters I’ve known (production-wise, not just quality-wise) have not allowed this form of hubris to get in the way of the job.
  • Be careful that you don’t buy a spacing plot cord, which is 5.64 meters long.It can still work, but just be aware that it covers exactly twice as much surface area, and therefore you can expect to get twice as many trees in it as expected.