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Bushpro Shovel Replacement Comfort D-Grip Handle

$13.95 CAD PC321

The Bushpro Comfort D-Grip has become the most popular of all replacement Tree Planting Shovel Handles. Found to be more comfortable than our Standard D handle by almost all of Bushpro users. The Smaller grip diameter and gently round corners provide an excellent feel. All Shovels purchased will offer the wear resistant Comfort D-Grip Handle and also be purchased separately. 

  • The New cushion D-handle is 3mm smaller
  • Inside diameter is 3mm larger
  • The sides are 1.5mm thicker.
  • Thicker sides so that shovel tossers won't break it.
  • 1 Season Bushpro Manufacturers Warranty!
  • Shovels are shipped with assorted color D-Grip Handles
    • Size: One Size
    • Colour: Assorted
    • Type: Comfort D-Grip
    • Material: Made from virgin plastics and built strong to withstand the rigors of tree planting.
    • Interchangeagle: Our handles are interchangable so if you currently have a Bushpro spade and want to try a different handle you just need to purchase the handle.