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Bushpro Shovel Replacement Oval D-Grip Handle

$13.95 CAD PC315

We've done our research and taken action. The Bushpro Oval D-Grip handle represents a good part of our latest efforts to help reduce repetitive strain injuries in the tree planting industry. Based on the same concept as the Ergo D handle, the Oval D handle is designed to put ones hand in a more natural position for ambidextrous planters. When being used with the right hand you would grasp the handle on the right side to benefit from the slope and opposite when using the left hand. Can be purchased individually or on a shovel be request.
  • People with large hands will find the grip diameter comfortable yet there's still enough room to add some padding or wear a padded glove if you want to.
  • Ambidextrous planters can now enjoy the benefits of ergonomically superior design.
  • 1 Season Bushpro Manufacturers Warranty!
    • Size: One Size
    • Type: Oval D-Grip
    • Colour: Assorted (Available in neon yellow or neon orange)
    • Material: Made from virgin plastics and built strong to withstand the rigors of tree planting.
    • Interchangeagle: Our handles are interchangable so if you currently have a Bushpro spade and want to try a different handle you just need to purchase the handle.