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Bushpro Silvicool III [LW] Personal Tree Planting Tarp - 6 x 9

$39.95 CAD PC800

This lighter weight Bushpro Silvicool III Tarp is still durable and will have some good staying power in all but the most severe applications. A Personal Tarp for protecting individual tree caches! 

    • The Lightweight Version is being phased out & being replaced with the Midweight Silvicool III Tarp
    • Bushpro's reflective Silvicool III tarps have been shown to maintain the temperature of seedlings equivalent to that of deep shade.
    • Tarps have sewn loops in the corners & along the sides, to aid in building field caches.
    • White side out creates a barrier against the sun's heat & wraps closely around boxed seedings to prevent warm air circulation.
    • Field Cache: 6' x 9'
    • Silvicool Tarps are used for protecting tree caches!
    • A Personal Tarp for protecting individual tree caches!
    • Sizing: One Size 
    • Colour: White/Reflective Silver
    • Sizing: 6' x 9' [1.83m x 2.74m]

    Other Larger Sizes Available:

    • 9' x 12' [2.74m x 3.65m]
    • 12' x 13.5' [3.65m x 4.11m]
    • 15' x 18' [4.57m x 5.49m]
    • 18' x 24' [5.49m x 7.31m]