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Coghlan's Sight Grid Signal Mirror

$17.99 CAD 0905

Coghlans utilizes Sight-Grid retro-reflective mesh technogy to aim reflected light, this signal mirror flashes with pinpoint accuracy on targets up to 25 miles away. Combining the power of glass mirror reflection with acrylic durability results in a durable mirror that floats.

  • Useful in emergencies, routing, signaling or for any mirror application
  • Highly reflective 
  • Targets up to 25 miles away
  • Sight-Grid retro-reflective mesh Targeting Centre
  • Pin-Point aiming accuracy
  • Acrylic durability results in a durable mirror
  • Acrylic Housing makes it float. 
  • Lanyard Hole in upper corner
  • Sizing: 2" x 3" [5.08cm x 7.62cm]
  • Weight: 1 oz. [28.3 g] 
  • Emergency Laminated Survival Mirror