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Coghlan's Thermal Blanket

$16.99 CAD 8544
Reinforced layered construction of Aluminium Polyethylene is strong, compact and soil resistant. Retains body heat and reflects heat back to body. The corners have reinforced grommets and the edges are stitched. Windproof and waterproof.

    • Durable construction of aluminium polyethylene with reinforced corner grommets.
    • Retains body heat and reflects heat back to the body.
    • Stays flexible in freezing temperatures.
    • Windproof and Waterproof
    • Colour: Silver
    • Dimensions: 50" x 79" [1.3m x 2m] ~ 4'2 x 6'6
    • Weight: 12oz [340g]
    • Fabric: Reinforced & Layered aluminized polyethylene is strong
    • Usages: Picnic Blanket, Ground Cover Sheet, Emergency Blanket, Emergency Shelter, Signal Reflector