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Salomon Womens Drifter Loft Hoodie

$124.99 CAD $249.99 CAD 114510

The Salomon women's Insulated DRIFTER LOFT HOODIE is a reversible puffy coat that gives you two style choices in one. Wear the baffled side out for a classic 'down' look, or the Pertex® side out for a clean, technical look. Either way, the Stormloft insulation ensures warmth and protection in cold winter weather. This is the warmest jacket in the Drifter line.

  • Designed for General Outdoor Usage 
  • Stormloft insulation delivers great warmth to weight, even if it gets wet.
  • The insulated hood adds even more cozy warmth.
  • A warm, technical alternative to down, with two styles in one.
  • Both sides of this jacket are water-repellent and windproof, for maximum protection.
  • Wear the baffled side out when you want the classic "puffy coat" look, or the Pertex® side out for a cleaner, more modern look.
  • Womens Insulated Hoodie
  • Weight: 16.60oz [471g]
  • Fit: Active Fit
  • Lightweight, insulated and somewhat breathable fabric
  • Fabric: StormLoft Insulation, Pertex
  • Usages: Training, Casual, Winter Fun