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Eureka Canoe Barrel 60L - Reused

$89.99 CAD 2599830

The Eureka 60L recycled canoe barrel is a very durable dry storage container for canoe tripping. An aluminum collar ensures secure closure and that your gear will remain dry even if the barrel ends up in the water.  All barrels have been completely inspected and washed.  Any soiled or damaged barrels were rejected.

  • Re-used barrel, saves the product from the landfill.
  • Barrels used to import food products (food ingredients are first placed in heavy gauge bags and then into barrels) are thoroughly washed and water tested. Some scrapes and or paint markings may be found.
  • Round design with straight walls for easy packing.
  • Wide mouth screw on lid, with gasket seal, creates large access and a watertight seal. No loose parts that can get bent or rust.
  • Two hoist handles.
  • Fits our Eureka Universal & Expedition Barrel harness.
  • Aluminum ring collar for secure closure
  • Watertight seal keeps content dry
  • External grip handles
  • Volumetric Capacity:  3662 [60 litre]
  • Length/Width:  25" x 13" x 15" [63.5 x 33 x 36cm]
  • Weight: 6lb 5oz [3.0 kg.] Shiping Weight - Volume Weight: 14 kg.
  • Plastic: Molded
  • Handle Configuration:  Folding grip handles [60L]