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Faber Quicklock Telescopic 3-Section Pole Set

$54.99 CAD TP-135QL

4 legs are better than 2! Provide extra stability on unstable or uneven ground.  While negotiating icy trails, slippery logs & swift running streams they also help provide a more upright & efficient hiking stance thus reducing stress on the knees & lower back & therefore increasing endurance.  

  • 3-Section Telescopic Poles
  • Three-part; adjustable from 25 - 53in [65 - 135cm]
  • 6000 series aluminum 
  • Carbon teel tip
  • 4 baskets: 2 summer and 2 extra large 130 mm winter baskets
    • Supplied with Deep Snow Basket: 5.1" (130cm)
    • Supplied with Hiking/Rough Terrain Basket: 2.55" (65cm)
  • On/off antishock spring system absorbs the impact of pole plants
  • A multi-purpose rubber handle offers a good grip in winter months or used as a walking stick, a hiking staff or a trekking pole.
  • Great for Mitts or Gloves during the winter
  • Great for summer comfort usage
  • Sold in a pair
  • 3 Section/3 Part Adjustable
  • Length: 25 - 53in [65 - 135cm]
  • Material: 6000 Series Aluminum, Carbon Steel Tip
  • System: Quicklock
  • Handle: EVA Rubber
  • Comes complete w/ Set of Winter & Summer Baskets, Transport Clip
  • Usages: Snowshoe, Walk, Trek