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Faber Mountain Quest Snowshoe [Max 350Lbs] 3 Styles

$346.99 CAD

This Faber Mountain Quest Snowshoe is a strongly constructed snowshoe designed for workers & is perfectly adapted for the backcountry. A great working snowshoe for bigger guys! An oversized aluminum tubing diameter to 7/8” to improve solidity & durability. The sturdy HD pivot system offers a free rotation. Included with the pivot, is a rotation limiter that makes walking backwards and jumping over obstacles easier. The decking, made of a Plastic & elastomer alloy decking offers a high resistance to very cold weather &  harsh terrain conditions.

    IDEAL FOR: Rolling Terrain and Work 

    FRAME: Charcoal Grey Coating 

    • Light weight & strong oversized 7/8" 6063-T832 Aluminium Alloy Tubing.
    • Curved rear end shape minimizes drag when walking.
    • Increases maneuverability when going backward & moving in mountainous areas!

    DECKING: Dual Color "TPR" (Thermo Plastic Rubber) Decking (Tan/Charcoal) 

    • Better snow traction than plastic decking
    • Resistant to -105f [-76c] Temperature Rating
    • Highly Abrasion Resistant
    • Treated against U.V. Rays 


    • High Carbon Steel HD Pivoting Rod + 4 rivet attachments provides full rotation; ease of walking & unloading snow from the shoe with each step!
    • Stopper made of high carbon steel allowing you to reverse direction without turning around.


    • Center: Lever Ratchet Buckle: better tightening
    • Heel: Lever Ratchet for improved tightening
    • Very Good Lateral Control 

    TOE BOX: 4 Point Toe Box Contains Boot for a secure fit.

    CRAMPONS: Provide Very Good Traction 

    • Material: Aluminum Alloy
    • Front Claw: FC-7A ~ 4" x 3" x 1", 7 Teeth
    • Heel Claw: HC-6A ~ 2.5" x 3" x 3/4", 6 Teeth 

    Made In Canada! Since 1870.
    Faber 150 years of Tradition & Development

    • TYPE: High Tech Conventional Decking Snowshoe
    • MODEL: MQ-1330, MQ-1140, MQ-1036
    • SHAPE: Elongated Bearpaw

    CAPACITY: [Decrease by 25% - 50% on unbroken trail or powder snow!]

    • 13" x 30" [33cm x 76cm], 5.50 lbs [2.49 kg]
      Max 300 lbs [136 kg] on packed trails
    • 11" x 40" [28cm x 101cm], 6.0 lbs [2.72 kg]
      Max 350 lbs [159 kg] on packed trails
    • 10" x 36" [25 x 91cm], 5.50 lbs [2.49 kg]
      Max 300 lbs [136 kg] on packed trails
    • FOOTWEAR: Should fit all sizes; Strap extenders maybe required for larger sizing!
    • RECOMMENDED FOR:50% Trail/50% off trail. Excellent traction & stability when walking on almost any type of snow, be it light powder snow to heavy wet snow.
    • TERRAIN: High Steep mountainous terrain & trails. All, best on packed, crust & iced snow.
    • ACTIVITY: Ascension, Work and hiking
    • WARRANTY: 3 Year Guarantee


    • When choosing your snowshoe be sure you factor; User weight + footwear, clothing & the weight of your pack & gear!