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Faber North Cliff Snowshoe [150-275Lbs] 3 Styles

$213.99 CAD

The Faber North Cliff snowshoe was created with an idea of offering an affordable and easy to use day hiking snowshoe for mountainous terrain. Our patented wing traction decking design makes efficient use of materials, allowing use to build snowshoe that is 20 % lighter than standard aluminium models,  as well as making it greener, more affordable and easier to walk with. Going Forward North Cliff is now the Mens Northlander & Womens White Lander Snowshoe.

IDEAL FOR: All types of terrain and snow conditions, very affordable

FRAME: Silver/Grey Color

  • Powder Coating Frame reduces snow sticking
  • Light weight yet strong 3/4" 6063-T832 Cambered aluminum frame increases flotation & rebound action
  • U-Frame Open; curved open rear end avoids dragging effect while walking.

DECKING: New "WTD" Wing Traction Decking is lightweight, sturdy, less expensive.

  • White/Silver Hot Foil Diamond Pattern accents the wing traction design.
  • Low temperature impact copolymer plastic that is cold & shock resistant.
  • Sturdiness is due to the decking wing torsion, giving extra traction & creating exit holes for snow
  • Resistant to -40f [-40c] Temperature Rating


  • Suspended Sport Pivot with full rotation plus stopper, made of a carbon steel rod (twice as strong and 40 % lighter than stainless steel).
  • 2 rivets attachment point
  • Rotation limited at 70 degree to avoid contact with shine bone and ease backward steps and jumps over obstacles
  • Lighter steps by partial lift of the snowshoe and discharge of snow from deck
  • Minimum toe lift required to exit snow in off trail condition
  • Good lateral control, heel stays centered on the snowshoe
  • Suspension offering flexibility for comfort of the ankle
  • Optimizes crampons traction. 


  • 3 Zenith buckles with nylon webbing for fast, precise and light adjustment
  • Concave toe box for good lateral control
  • Zenith buckle + adjustable rubber coated webbing back strap, easy to use & precise
  • 3" Foot plate
  • Binding designed for maximum comfort, lightness and efficiency

Made In Canada! Since 1870.
Faber 150 years of Tradition & Development

  • TYPE: High Tech Wing Traction Decking Snowshoe
  • MODEL: NC-0821 NC-0825, NC-0929, NC-1034
  • SHAPE: Elongated Bearpaw

CAPACITY: [Decrease by 25% - 50% on unbroken trail or powder snow!]

  • 8" x 21" [20cm x 53cm], 3.45 lbs [1.38 kg] 
    Max 125 lbs [57 kg] on packed trails
  • 8" x 25" [20cm x 63cm], 3.65 lbs [1.65 kg] - Unavailable
    Max 150 lbs [69 kg] on packed trails
  • 9" x 29" [23cm x 74cm], 4.10 lbs [1.86 kg] - Unavailable
    Max 225 lbs [102 kg] on packed trails
  • 10" x 34" [25cm x 86cm], 4.40 lbs [2.00 kg] - Unavailable
    Max 275 lbs [125 kg] on packed trails
  • FOOTWEAR: Womens Up to Size 10 & Mens Up to 13.
  • RECOMMENDED FOR: 50% Trail 50% Off Trail. Best on trails
  • TERRAIN: This model is well rounded for all types of terrain and snow conditions.
  • ACTIVITY: Multipurpose and affordable,100% Trail Running
  • WARRANTY: 3 Year Guarantee


  • When choosing your snowshoe be sure you factor; User weight + footwear, clothing & the weight of your pack & gear!