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Faber S.Line Snowshoe Ski [Max 325Lbs] 3 Styles

$318.99 CAD

The Faber S.Line was designed for back country lovers who are looking for a new sensation. This snowshoe-ski hybrid is based off our WTD Technology & offers great control on all types of terrain. The versatility of the S-Line will provide a gliding feeling when flying over flat surfaces and excitement while going downhill. Even your climbs will feel effortless due to the many traction wings acting as crampons.

    IDEAL FOR: Backcountry & Off Trail

    FRAME: Silver Color

    • Powder Coating Frame reduces snow sticking
    • Light weight High Performance 7/8" [22mm] 6063-T832 Cambered aluminum frame increases flotation & rebound action.  
    • Cambered U-Frame Open Shape Frame: Arched & Vertically Cambered provides better flotation & gait while walking, gliding & much stronger.
    • Curved rear end shape minimizes drag when walking.
    • A Sliding Step Snowshoe - A fusion of a snowshoe & a ski

    DECKING: Mid Section "WTD" Wing Traction Decking is lightweight & sturdy.

    • Mid-Section WTD traction provides traction... while walking but allows sliding
    • Black decking with printed swirls accenting the wing traction design.
    • Sliding motion control with front and rear keels mounted on the under side of decking.
    • Low temperature [-40f/ -40c] impact copolymer plastic that is cold & shock resistant.
    • Sturdiness is due to the decking wing torsion, giving extra traction & creating exit holes for snow

    PIVOT: Live Reverse Pivot Live + Stopper

    • Reinforced urethane pivot riveted to copolymer decking rotation stopper at 70°; avoiding contact with shine bone and ease backward steps & jumps over obstacles.
    • Ease of walking & sliding & unloading snow from the shoe with each step!
    • Minimum toe lift required to exit snow in off-trail condition
    • Good lateral control, heel stays centered on the snowshoe
    • Suspension offering flexibility for comfort of the ankle
    • Minimizes rebound effect for walking & sliding

    BINDING: Quatro 3ZE 360°

    •  3 Zenith buckles with nylon webbing for fast, precise and light adjustment
    •  Moulded toe stopper with vertical ribs for excellent lateral control
    •  6.5’’ moulded cradle base foot plate for optimum contact with boot sole
    •  One of the most appreciated binding for leisure
    •  Concave toe box for good lateral control, Optimum fit and control by the 360° action of the back strap

    CRAMPONS: No Crampons Required - prevents sliding motion.

    • Traction is very good due to the WTD Decking 

    Made In Canada! Since 1870.
    Faber 150 years of Tradition & Development

    • TYPE: High Tech Wing Traction Decking Sliding Step Snowshoe
    • MODEL: SL-536, SL-540, SL-646
    • OTHER NAME: Sliding Step Snowshoe
    • SHAPE: Ski Shape


    • 5.0" x 36" [12cm x  91cm],  3.75 lbs [1.70 kg]
      Max 125 lbs  [57 kg] on packed trails
    • 5.5" x 40" [14cm x 102cm], 4.50 lbs [2.04 kg]
      Max 225 lbs  [91 kg] on packed trails
    • 6.5" x 46" [17cm x 117cm], 5.50 lbs [2.50 kg]
      Max 325 lbs [137 kg] on packed trails
    • FOOTWEAR: Womens Up to Size 10 & Mens Up to 13.
    • RECOMMENDED FOR:100% Off Trail
    • TERRAIN: All, best on & off trails as well as in Mountain condiditons
    • ACTIVITY: Mountain Snowshoeing.
    • WARRANTY: 3 Year Guarantee


    • When choosing your snowshoe be sure you factor; User weight + footwear, clothing & the weight of your pack & gear!