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Faber White Lander Womens Snowshoe [Max 150Lbs] 2 Styles

$179.99 CAD

The Faber White Lander is a Womens Specific Snowshoe in 2 sizes. A Similar look to the popular Mens Specific North Lander Snowshow. Stronger than conventional soft decking, this new generation of snowshoes is assembled with a new light and sturdy patented Wing Traction Decking, made out of low temperature impact copolymer (- 40 Celsius). The sturdiness is due to the decking wing torsion, giving extra traction and creating exit holes for snow. Slimmer buckles & webbing with an attractive foil snowflake inspired decking created for women with the same great features as the North Lander.

Women's Specific Sizing

IDEAL FOR: Rolling Terrain & Leisure Activities

FRAME: Red Color

  • A narrow 7.5 inch snowshoe for women
  • Powder Coating Frame reduces snow sticking
  • Light weight yet strong 5/8" 6063-T832 Cambered aluminum frame increases flotation & rebound action (Smaller & Lighter Diameter than Northlander Snowshoe)
  • U-Frame Open; curved open rear end avoids dragging effect while walking.

DECKING: New "WTD" Wing Traction Decking is lightweight, sturdy, less expensive.

  • Grey/Silver Hot Foil Snowflake Pattern accents the wing traction design.
  • Low temperature impact copolymer plastic that is cold & shock resistant.
  • Sturdiness is due to the decking wing torsion, giving extra traction & creating exit holes for snow
  • Resistant to -40f [-40c] Temperature Rating


  • Suspended Sport Pivot with full rotation plus stopper, made of a carbon steel rod (twice as strong and 40 % lighter than stainless steel).
  • 2 rivets attachment point
  • Rotation limited at 70 degree to avoid contact with shine bone and ease backward steps and jumps over obstacles
  • Lighter steps by partial lift of the snowshoe and discharge of snow from deck
  • Minimum toe lift required to exit snow in off trail condition
  • Very Good lateral control, heel stays centered on the snowshoe
  • Suspension offering flexibility for comfort of the ankle
  • Optimizes crampons traction. 


  • White Binding vs Black Binding on the Mens North Lander
  • Ratchets & Straps are smaller, narrower & sleeker for the White Lander Womens Series.
  • Center: Lever Ratchet Buckle: better tightening
  • Heel: Lever Ratchet for improved tightening 

TOE BOX: 3-Point Toe Box Contains Boot for a secure fit.

CRAMPONS: Provide Excellent Traction

  • Material: Aluminium Alloy
  • Front Claw: FC-7A ~ 4" x 3" x 1", 7 Teeth
  • Heel Claw: HC-6A ~ 2.5" x 3" x 3/4", 6 Teeth 

Made In Canada! Since 1870.
Faber 150 years of Tradition & Development

  • TYPE: High Tech Wing Traction Decking Women's Recreational Snowshoe
  • MODEL: HL-722, HL-726
  • OTHER NAME: Recreational Lightweight
  • SHAPE: Elongated Bear Paw

CAPACITY: [Decrease by 25% - 50% on unbroken trail or powder snow!]

  • 7.5" x 22" [19.05cm x 55.88cm], 2.75 lbs [1.25 kg]
    Max 125 lbs [57 kg] on packed trails
  • 7.5" x 26" [19.05cm x 66.04cm], 2.90 lbs [1.27 kg]
    Max 150 lbs [68 kg] on packed trails
  • FOOTWEAR: Womens Up to Size 10, Strap extenders maybe required for larger sizing!  
  • RECOMMENDED FOR:50% Trail/50% off trail.
  • TERRAIN:  All terrain & trails
  • ACTIVITY: Recreational use. This model will make all of your excursions so much more enjoyable, no matter the snow conditions.
  • WARRANTY: 3 Year Guarantee


  • When choosing your snowshoe be sure you factor; User weight + footwear, clothing & the weight of your pack & gear!