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Faber Winter Guide Hybrid Snowshoe [Max 350Lbs] 3 Styles

$244.99 CAD
With one of the best user weight vs flotation ratio, the Winter Guide Hybrid Snowshoe is ideal for those seeking a deep snow/backcountry experience. Wet snow, often found when hotter temperatures come around, does not stick to its wooden frame. The suspended free rotation pivot provides a maximum flotation and facilitate a light step. The decking, with its 14 oversized crampons, its 6 tempered steel tips and its front traction bar ensure a sound grip in icy conditions. The binding is easy to use and helps get a comfortable full stride.
The perfect combination between ancestral knowledge and new technologies, these hard wood frames snowshoes and high tech decking are well adapted for off trail conditions and well liked for wildlife observation and exploration.

IDEAL FOR: Flat Terrain and Off Trail adventures

FRAME: "Traditional Modified Bearpaw" Shaped Frame w/ arched frame

  • Wood - White Ash
  • Varnished Fiberglass Frame Coating - "Slush Proof"
  • Rounded Rear End
  • Assures a natural gate particularly appreciated by women.
  • The design of this snowshoe when in use will not knock each other; less noise & easier walking.

DECKING: Injected copolymer decking resistant to low temperature impact

  • Resistant to Cold Temperatures -40f / -40c
  • Wide Holes in decking provide a lighter- snowshoe & allows powder snow to disperse quickly & efficiently!
  • Plastic crampons, some of which have tempered steel tips, are directly molded on the deck to maximize traction.


  • Patented system with reinforced rubber pivot riveted to the copolymer decking.
  • Precise, light and durable
  • Rotation limited at 70 degree to avoid contact with shine bone and ease backward steps and jumps over obstacles.
  • Lighter steps by partial lift of the snowshoe and discharge of snow from deck
  • Minimum toe lift required to exit snow in off trail condition
  • Good lateral control, heel stays centered on the snowshoe
  • Suspension offering flexibility for comfort of the ankle


  • 2 Lever ratchet buckles for fast and easy in and out
  • Moulded toe stopper with vertical ribs for excellent lateral control
  • 6.5’’ moulded cradle base foot plate + 4’’ heel plate for optimum contact with boot sole
  • One of the most appreciated binding for leisure
  • Very Good Lateral Control

TOE BOX: TPR Toe Stopper, Cradle Base

CRAMPONS: Good Traction

  • Front: FC-2T+ Claw: Delrin + 2 tempered steel points, 10 x 8 x 2.5 cm.
  • Rear: Injected crampons, some with tempered steel tips.

Made In Canada! Since 1870.
Faber 150 years of Tradition & Development
  • TYPE: Hybrid Snowshoes
  • MODEL: WG-1030, WG-1036, WG-1140
  • OTHER NAME: Green Mountain, Otter
  • SHAPE: Modified Bear Paw

CAPACITY: [Decrease by 25% - 50% on unbroken trail or powder snow!]

  • 10" x 30" [25cm x 76cm], 4.50 lbs [2.04 kg]
    Max 250 lbs [113 kg] on packed trails
  • 10" x 36" [25cm x 91cm], 4.85 lbs [2.20 kg]
    Max 300 lbs [136 kg] on packed trails
  • 11" x 40" [28cm x102cm], 5.40 lbs [2.45 kg]
    Max 350 lbs [159 kg] on packed trails
  •  FOOTWEAR: Womens Up to Size 10 & Mens Up to 13.
  • RECOMMENDED FOR: 25% Trail/75% off trail.
  • TERRAIN: Various, Forest & Backcountry terrains
  • ACTIVITY: Deep snow/backcountry experience
  • WARRANTY: 3 Year Guarantee


  • When choosing your snowshoe be sure you factor; User weight + footwear, clothing & the weight of your pack & gear!