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Fjallraven Greenland Wax

$14.99 CAD F79060
Environmentally friendly wax impregnation developed in-house for clothes in G-1000®-fabric. By rubbing the wax into the fabric and warming it, the surface becomes water repellent.

    • Environmentally friendly wax impregnation for clothes made of G-1000® fabric.
    • Gives a water-resistant and hardwearing surface.
    • Made from paraffin and bee wax.
    • Over time wax will wear off of products.
    • Reapply regularly
    • Stores easily in the Greenland Wax Bag.
    • Size: Large 100 Grams
    • Material: Parafine, beeswax
    • Usage: For use on all Waxed Cotton Garments from Fjallraven