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Ganka GKS Aviator Nylon Hat

$32.99 CAD 74-PH170

The GKS Acrylic knit hat, with synthetic fur trims, quilted nylon lining and cords at the chin.

  • GKS Outdoor Collection
  • Immitation Rabbit fur for warmth ~ Fake Fur - [Faux Fur]
  • Frontal Forehead and Trimmed in Fur
  • Quilted Nylon lining for warmth
  • Acrylic Knit Blended Fabric for wind resistance
  • Chin connection tie-up
  • Ear Holes with button closure Ear Flaps for hearing
  • GKS branding badge
  • Sizing: Medium, Large, XLarge
  • Colour: Grey
  • Fabric: Acrylic Knit, Quillted Nylon, Fake (Faux Fur)
  • Usages: Winter, Lifestyle, Fashion, Fun