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Gear Aid Tenacious Repair Tape

$9.99 CAD MCTT

Ideal for fast repairs to tents, tarps and rain gear. The super aggressive adhesive sticks to almost any surface and can be used for a variety of flexible long lasting repairs. Instantly seals leaking seams and tears. Mcnett Tenacious Repair Tape.

    •  Instantly seals leaking seams and tears.
    •  Includes one 7.5 x 50 cm strip of tape.
    • Super-aggressive adhesive for long lasting repairs
    • Clean Adhesive Technology - Leaves No Sticky, Ugly Residue
    • Lightweight and Compact - Easy to Carry in the Field
    • Clear, nearly invisible adhesive, Black for the tougher jobs
    • Colour: Black Matte Finish, Clear Matte Finish 
    • Sealing & Repair Tape
    • 1 Roll: 20" x 3" [50cm x 7.5cm]
    • []
    • Removable Leaves No Residue
    • Better Than Duct Tape