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Gerber Centre Drive Plus Multi-Tool

$194.99 CAD 31-003402

The Gerber Center-Drive Plus Multi-Tool offers uncompromising performance through revolutionary design, now optimized for weapons maintenance. The innovative center-axis driver opens to align like a real screw driver, yielding maximum torque and rotation. No productivity is sacrificed with the addition of a 30% longer outboard blade and one-thumb opening sliding jaws. Full size, real tools - the multi-tool just got a reality check. New to the Plus is the addition of much-requested scissors, tumble-finished tools, and a premium leather sheath.

  • Featuring 14 Tools; engineered butterfly opening with locking & outboard components 
  • The purposeful one-thumb opening design remains for quick deployment to the tools you depend on most: the spring-loaded pliers, the full size blade, and the full size, center axis screwdriver.
  • New to the Plus are the spring-loaded scissors, a welcome addition to reduce the number of tools needed on hand
  • The partially serrated blade is full size and capable of handling a variety of materials and tasks
  • All tools are tumble finished for a sleek, polished aesthetic that doesn’t sacrifice performance
  • The American made, Berry-compliant full leather sheath has a snap closure to ensure secure stowage as well reliable performance
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Sizing: One Size
  • Color: Assorted
  • Tools: 14
  • Type: Folding Butterfly Opening Multi-Tool
  • Weight: 9.5oz. [269.32 g]
  • Open Length: 6.6" [16.76cm]
  • Closed Length: 4.7" [11.94cm]
  • Steel Type: Solid Stainless Steel Construction
  • Usages: Commercial, Professional, Travel, Camping, Hiking, Every Day, Just in Case


  • One-Thumb Opening System
  • Sliding Jaws
  • Spring-Loaded Needlenose Pliers with X-Channel Rail System
  • Rotatable Carbide Wire Cutters & Strippers
  • Full-Size 3.25” [8.26cm] Partially Serrated Blade
  • Magnetic 3.2”  [8.13cm] Center-Axis Bit Driver
  • Pry Bar w/ Nail Puller & Bottle Opener
  • Serrated Blade
  • Awl, File
  • Magnetic Flathead and Phillips Bits
  • Spring-Loaded Scissors
  • Berry-compliant leather sheath made in USA