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GKS Aviator Hat Distress Leather

$34.99 CAD 74-PH78
The Ganka GKS New Look Aviator Hat in distress leather is for the distinctive yet conservative individual. In imitation leather and rabbit fur. Looks like the real thing at 1/2 the price! Our most popular fun & functional winter hat series.
    • Faux fur for warmth
    • Imitation Antique Distressed Leather shell for wind resistance
    • Ear Flaps
    • Frontal Forehead
    • Rear Back
    • Clip Chin connection
    • Ear Holes for hearing
    • GKS Logo
    • Sizing: Small - XLarge
    • Color: Black, Brown
    • Gender: Unisex
    • Fabrics: Synthetic Leather
    • Lining: Quilted Nylon
    • Features: Fake (Faux) Fur
    • Winter Fun