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Glerups Unisex The Boot with Rubber Sole

$139.95 CAD BOOTNR

Felt boot of 100% pure natural wool in the classic color charcoal with a sole of natural rubber.

  • An indoor shoe allowing you to walk out with your garbage or empty your mailbox.
  • The shape of the shoe follows the contours of the foot, ensuring the shoe stays on.
  • The shoe is flexible, and it keeps the foot warm and dry, due to the characteristics of the wool, as it has a great capacity of absorbing moisture.
  • Unisex Wool Felted Footwear
  • Sizing: 35 - 48
  • Mens: 40 - 48 [7 to 14]
  • Womens: 35 - 40 [5 to 9]
  • Material: 100% pure natural wool
  • Sole: Natural rubber