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GV Leather Snowshoe Binding

$64.99 CAD H2B

The GV Traditional Full Grain Leather Snowshoe Bindings is part of the working style binding collection which will fit on any traditional snowshoe. Ideal for work use or for someone who is looking for the best possible control & traction of their snowshoes.  A great way to compliment your traditional wooden snowshoes! Each binding attaches to the snowshoe with two anchor points to reduce lateral movement of the heel, meaning foot stays in line with the snowshoe. 
  • Full Grain Leather 
  • Assembly: 2 Leather strap buckles onto frame assembly
  • Rear: Leather adjustment strap & buckle for boot length 
  • Upper: 1 Leather top adjustment strap for boot width
  • Great for usage with all Traditional GV Snowshoes
  • Sizing: Men's Size 7 and Up
  • Harness weight : 0.75 lbs [0.35 kg]
  • Material: Full Grain Leather 
  • Assembly: 2 Leather strap buckles
  • Attachment (heel/foot) : Leather Strap & Buckles