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Icebreaker Mens Central SS Tee Icebreaker

$48.99 CAD $69.99 CAD 0A56CF

A classic, everyday T-shirt, the Central Short Sleeve Tee features organic cotton fibers blended with merino wool for natural, breathable comfort.

  • rib neck
  • Merino-Cotton - durable merino blend that is breathable and comfortable
  • regular fit

Fabric content: 160 Ultralight - 50% Merino Wool, 50% Cotton

Back Length: 73.1cm


Merino is super lightweight, soft, non-itchy, non-clammy, warm in the cold and cool in the heat, and has a miraculous ability to resist odour. Because it was made in the mountains rather than in a petrochemical laboratory. Merino wool fibre is naturally renewable, recyclable and biodegradable*.