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JetBoil Jetpower Isopro Fuel Canisters - 3 Sizes


Choose a fuel as advanced as your stove. Formulated for maximum efficiency and minimum consumption, our high-performance propane/isobutane four-season blend delivers higher vapor pressure for improved performance in cold weather.

Due to hazardous materials shipping restrictions, we are unable to ship JetBoil JetPower Fuel. In Store Pick Up Only

  • For maximum efficiency and minimum consumption, use our high-performance propane / isobutane four-season blend.
  • Propane provides higher vapor pressure for better performance in cold weather.
  • Isobutane provides more constant pressure as the fuel level gets low.
  • The 100g fuel canister will pack inside of any model Personal Cooking System.
  • 230g and 450g canisters will pack inside of the Sumo Companion cups and the Sumo systems.
  • Empty fuel cans are recyclable with our CrunchIt Tool.
  • Check local facilities for recycling info.

The FlipFuel is a tiny device that is tackling one of backpacking’s most universal problems — the issue of half-full fuel canisters.

 Jetpower Fuel Capacity - 100gm - Gross Weight: 7.01oz [199gm] ~ Approx. 12 liters of boiled water

  • The Dimensions of the 100g canister is 3.5" [9cm] Diameter x 2.8" [7cm] Tall

Jetpower Fuel Capacity - 230gm - Gross Weight: 13.40oz [380gm] ~ Approx. 24 liters of boiled water

  • The Dimensions of the 230g canister is 4.3" [11cm] Diameter x 3.9" [10cm] Tall

Jetpower Fuel Capacity - 450gm - Gross Weight: 23.50oz [666gm] ~ Approx. 48 liters of boiled water 

  • The Dimensions of the 450g canister is 4.3" [11cm] Diameter x 5.9" [15cm] Tall

Jetboil Jetpower fuel cartridge valve conforms to the EN417 specification (Lindal valve)