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JetBoil Propane Tank Hose

$34.99 CAD 2572182

Sometimes a small propane tank isn't enough to fuel a camp kitchen. Use this hose to quick-connect your Jetboil or Eureka! multi-burner stove to a 20 lb. tank! A great accessory if you run multiple stoves off of one fuel source.
  • Quick connect feature
  • Compatible with Jetboil and Eureka! multi-burner stoves: Genesis, HalfGen, Gonzo Grill, Spire, Spire Plus, Ignite and Ignite Plus
  • Length: 5 feet

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Trailside Cooking: Now you can take your trail side cooking way past the basics and let your inner iron chef go wild with the new Eureka Spire Stove. Pack your spices, gather what you can from the trail, stream, or field, and tell your friends and family to belly up to the picnic table.

Genesis Base Camp System: The world's first base camp system provides complete cooking solution in one easy to carry travel bag.  The convenient nesting stove and cookware provide a compact cooking system capable of fueling the most demanding crew before and after our most rewarding adventures.

    • Colour: Black
    • Type: Genesis Base Camp System, Trailside Cooking System
    • Connection: Quick Connect
    • Length: 5ft [152.40cm]