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Katadyn BeFree Replacement Microfilter

$29.99 CAD 801964

The Katadyn BeFree Microfilter comes in 3 convenient sizes for trail, mountain biking, travel or campsite. 

Replacement cartridge for the Katadyn BeFree™ Filter bottle. The lightweight and compact Katadyn BeFree water bottle and filter gives you the freedom to drink anytime, anywhere.

  • Easy to clean: simply shake or swish to remove debris
  • BeFree™ 0.1 micron microfilter removes harmful bacteria and cysts.
  • Filter has a fast flow rate and is easy to clean without back flushing or special tools.
  • 0.1 micron microfilter is tested to protect against harmful organisms, removing protozoa (99.99%) and bacteria (99.9999%) to EPA standards.


  • Removes most Microorganisms (Bacteria = EColi, Samonella. Protozoa = Giardia, Cryptosporidium)
  • For Protection against viruses, an EPA Registered disinfectent may be added after water is filtered:
  • Katadyn Micropur Tablets, Coghlans Tablets or Pristine Drops
  • Replacement Microfilter Cartridge for the BeFree Microfilter Filters [3 size; 0.6L, 1.0L, 3.0L]
  • Output: Up to 1 quart [2L]/min
  • Tested to 1,000 liters; individual results will depend on water quality
  • Technology: 0.1 micron Hollow Glass Fiber microfilter 
  • Meets or exceeds FDA and EU regulations
  • Effective against; Bacteria, Protozoa, Particulate Material
  • Usage: For supplying camp drinking water, the BeFree 3.0L is ideal.

Can be used with the following BeFree Series Microfilters:

  • BeFree Microfilter with 1.0L Hydraflask
  • BeFree Microfilter with 3.0L Hydraflask
  • BeFree Microfilter Gravity 3.0L  


  • 0.1 micron Hollow Fiber microfilter
  • Effective against microorganisms
  • Suitable for cloudy water
  • Tested to protect against harmful organisms, removing protozoa (99.99%) and bacteria (99.9999%) to EPA standards 


  • Lightweight  Series: 1.0 & 3.0 Liter BeFree Water Filter.
  • Cap over drink nozzle keeps dirt out
  • Ideal for trail running on the go, short walks, camping and backpacking.
  • They are lightweight, compact and the easiest way to make safe water.
  • 42mm, wide-mouth opening makes for easy filling from any lake, river, stream or faucet