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Katadyn Hiker Pro Replacement Filter

$63.95 CAD 8014644

The Katadyn Hiker Pro Replacement Filters is a Glass-fiber element &  is pleated for increased surface area to handle silt & muddy water. Activated-carbon core adsorbs chemicals & pesticides to improve taste of water. Includes field maintenance kit with cleanable filter protector to extend cartridge life in challenging conditions. To clean filter protector, simply swish it in the water. Katadyn Hiker PRO replacement element works with Hiker Pro, Hiker and Base Camp filters as well as older PUR Hiker filters.

  • Needs replacing approximately every 200 gallons
  • Can be used in the original and Pro Series Hiker
  • An adapter can can be used to upgrade existing Hiker Filter Cartridges.

  • Removes most Microorganisms (Bacteria = EColi, Samonella. Protozoa = Giardia, Cryptosporidium)
  • For Protection against viruses, an EPA Registered disinfectent may be added after water is filtered:
  • Katadyn Micropur Tablets, Coghlans Tablets or Pristine Drops
  • Removable filter protector extends cartridge life in challenging conditions.
  • Output:
  • Up to 1 quart [1L]/min, [48 strokes/min]
  • Cartridge Capacity:
  • Up to 200 Gallons [750L] depending on water quality
  • For use with the
    • Katadyn Hiker Pro Black Microfilter: (8018280)
    • Katadyn Hiker Pro Transparent Microfilter: (8019670)


  • AntiClog Technology
  • 129 square inches of pleated 0.2 micron glassfiber media.
  • Activated carbon core: reduces unpleasant tastes and odor from water
  • Surface area resists clogging! Guaranteed!


  • Backcountry Series products are ideal for camping and backpacking.
  • They are lightweight, compact and the easiest way to make safe water.
  • Backcountry Series products are the favorite choice for all-around use.
  • Camping, trekking and backpacking
  • Great for all-around use
  • Perfect for 1–3 persons
  • For clear and slightly turbid water
  • From huts to camp grounds