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Laska Unisex Nipigon Classic Unisex Toque

$14.99 CAD 77-022

The Laska Nipigon Nylon Winter Classic Collection featuring a One Size Unisex Toque. The Ganka & GKS Classic Toque is Cozy & Warm; Wool/Knit/Acrylic Fabric featuring a Polar Fleece Liner and Cute Pompom.

  • Classic Collection
  • Toque in two-tone knit
  • A decorative red line.
  • Made of a mix of wool and acrylic
  • Lined with warm Fleece Lining Fleece for additional warmth
  • Sizing: One Size - Unisex 
  • Colour: Grey/White/Red Stripe
  • Fabric: Wool/Acrylic, Fleece Lining
  • Fits a wee bit small... Perfect for Kids
  • Usage: Casual, Lifestyle, Winter Fun.