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MSR MiniWorks WaterWorks Ceramic Element

$54.99 CAD 56453

Replacement ceramic filter element for both MiniWorks and WaterWorks microfilters provides increased flow rates for older models.

  • Reliable: Durable carbon/ceramic element ensures safe, taste-free water even with frequent, heavy use.
  • Field-maintainable: Can be cleaned repeatedly for full filter recovery with no tools required.
  • Fast Flow: AirSpring Accumulator increases filtration speed; up to 1-liter per minute.
  • Better-tasting Water: Carbon core removes unpleasant tastes & odors caused by organic compounds, such as iodine, chlorine, & pesticides.

Expedtion Water Treatment & Hydration:
When you need a lot of water and you’re not quite sure what you’ll find, these are the tools to rely on. Our Expedition Series of water treatment and hydration solutions combines legendary reliability and field maintainability, with the ability to handle high-capacity jobs to bring you safe water...

  • Type: Replacement - One Size
  • Weight: 3.8oz [110 g]
  • Width: 2.00 in [5.08 cm]
  • Length: 4.6 in [11.68 cm]
  • Filter Media: Ceramic Plus Carbon Filter
  • Pore size 0.2 microns
  • Flow (L/min): 1 liters per min
  • Cartridge Life: ~2000 liters
  • Country of Origin: Made in Seattle, USA

EFFECTIVE AGAINST:  Protozoa, Bacteria, Particulate & Chemicals/toxins

  • Not effective against Viruses
  • Field cleanable & maintainable
  • Mechanical advantage, Water Bottle Adapter
  • Cartridge replacement indicator