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Mustang Integrity Deluxe 1 Piece Flotation Suit SPECIAL ORDER

$749.99 CAD MS195

Mustang Survival's MS-195 Integrity Deluxe Flotation Suit is designed with Mustang Airsoft foam for a lighter and more comfortable fit than the Classic Flotation Suit. Comfort Cuff technology creates a relaxed, comfortable fit around the wrists, and is matched by the relaxed fit of the overall suit design. Featuring large chest and front cargo pockets, this suit blends functionality and features to meet the demands of a wide-range of activities. Popular within professional user communities, this suit is also a great choice for those braving cold Northern waters.

Mustang Survival flotation suits are designed to protect the wearer from foul or cold weather, and use closed-cell foam to offer flotation and hypothermia protection in the event of water immersion. Tug-Tite technology and Velcro wrist and ankle closures improve fit and limit water flushing if immersed, SOLAS reflective tape enhances visibility and an insulated hood is easily stowed in the collar for convenience.

  • Approval: TC Marine - CAN/CGSB 65.11 - Adult PFD
  • 15.5 LBS of buoyancy
  • Mustang AirSoft foam offers hypothermia and flotation protection (immersed Clo 0.420) in a lighter and more comfortable suit
  • Relaxed fit for comfort and mobility
  • Neoprene Comfort Cuff wrists for comfort and weather protection
  • Tug-Tite at thighs and ankles cinch easily to improve fit and eliminate water flushing to delay onset of hypothermia
  • Ergonomic insulated hood easily folds into collar
  • SOLAS reflective tape for improved visibility
  • Chest and front cargo pockets for extra storage
  • A great blend of function and comfort features
  • Sizing: S - 3XL
  • Buoyancy: 15.5 LBS of buoyancy
  • Color: Orange Stocked - SPECIAL ORDER
  • Approved: TC Marine - CAN/CGSB 65.11 - Adult PFD
  • Recommend for: Fishing, Sailing, Boating, Ice Roads


Did you know that being submerged in cold water for just 20 minutes can lead to hypothermia, unconsciousness, and even death?

How long a person can survive in cold water primarily depends on the water’s temperature, exposure time, and the thermal insulation of the victim’s protective clothing. The insulation within clothing is measured with the unit “Clo.” By determining the rate at which heat is lost from the body, as well as the difference in temperature between the skin and the water, predictions can be made of the rate a person’s body temperature will drop when submerged in water.

For example, one “Clo” represents the thermal comfort of an average person in business clothing in a room temperature indoor environment. Fractions of this thermal comfort are what are perceived when worn in the water, because water transfers heat out of the body 25 times faster than air.