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Mustang RE-ARM KIT D - Auto & Manual 24G - Bayonet - MA2014

$44.99 CAD MA2014


The Auto/Manual 24G Bayonet Inflatable Re-Arm Kit contains everything necessary to re-arm your Mustang Survival MIT 100 manual and automatic inflatable PFDs after deployment. The automatic inflator bobbin on all automatic PFDs should be replaced on a regular basis.

Use only Mustang Survival re-arm kits. Use of other re-arm kits may result in improper operation or failure to operate and will void the product's warranty.

Re-arm kit contains:

  • One 24 gram CO2 cylinder and bayonet assembly
  • One bobbin (used for automatic PFD models only)
  • One re-arming instruction manual 

For The Mustang Membrane Inflatable Technology Models:


Due to Expiry Date we have discounted and removed the Bobbin in the remaining  Packages so that it is only utilizable for use with the MUSTANG Inflatable PFD Manual Vest.  

We are experiencing long delays from Mustang for this Re-Arm Kit. 

As soon as new inventory Arrives we will change information back. 

Re-Arm Kit For model numbers: Mustang M.I.T.  Membrane Inflatable Technology M.I.T. Manual & Automatic PFD's

  • M.I.T. 100  Inflatable PFD Automatic MD2017 02
  • M.I.T. 100  Inflatable PFD Automatic MD2017 03
  • M.I.T. 100  Inflatable PFD Manual MD 2015 02
  • M.I.T. 100  Inflatable PFD Manual MD 2015 03