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Mustang Survival Classic Flotation Coat 2 - HARMONIZED

$470.99 CAD MC1506

Based on the original Mustang Floater Coat the newly harmonized version of the Mustang Survival MC1506 Classic Flotation Coat is still engineered to provide comfort, warmth, and durability in whatever marine activities you do. Most importantly, the Coat's closed-cell foam insulation will provide flotation and insulation to delay the onset of hypothermia in the event of accidental water immersion. Combined with functional elements such as large front pockets and a full-length storm flap, the Classic Flotation Coat adds up to an unbeatable value no matter what you do. The Basic & Economical Floater Coat.

    • Hypothermia & Flotation protection
    • Buoyancy: 15.7 LBS of buoyancy
    • Mustangs High Performance Nylon & AirSoft foam flotation system
    • Enhanced mobility & comfort with relaxed fit
    • Full Length Storm Flap with Single Zip
    • 2 Zip Side Zippered Pockets
    • Tug-Tite waist adjustment
    • Recommend for: Fishing, Sailing, Boating
    • Approval | Harmonized
    • Sizing: S - 3XL
    • Buoyancy: 15.7 LBS of buoyancy
    • Color: Orange Stocked 
    • Approved: Harmonized Canada|USA
    • CSA Z96 (2015) compliant (Canada)
    • ANSI/ISEA 107-2010 Class 2 compliant (USA)
    • Recommend for: Fishing, Sailing, Boating, Commercial, 


    Did you know that being submerged in cold water for just 20 minutes can lead to hypothermia, unconsciousness, and even death?

    How long a person can survive in cold water primarily depends on the water’s temperature, exposure time, and the thermal insulation of the victim’s protective clothing. The insulation within clothing is measured with the unit “Clo.” By determining the rate at which heat is lost from the body, as well as the difference in temperature between the skin and the water, predictions can be made of the rate a person’s body temperature will drop when submerged in water.

    For example, one “Clo” represents the thermal comfort of an average person in business clothing in a room temperature indoor environment. Fractions of this thermal comfort are what are perceived when worn in the water, because water transfers heat out of the body 25 times faster than air.