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Mustang Survival M.I.T. 100 Inflatable PFD (Manual)

$179.99 CAD MD2015 03

The Mustang Survival M.I.T. Manual Version 3 Series is a vest to take you into your many inshore marine adventures. This front entry manual inflatable PFD has a streamlined design for comfort and safety in calm water conditions. Exclusive Membrane Inflatable Technology (MIT) and durable high tenacity nylon face fabric provide a lightweight and flexible fit. High visibility, contrasting fabric when inflated for increased visibility in rescue scenarios. The waist belt adjusts to accommodate outer layers, and large arm cutouts allow for full mobility. A manual inflation cord lets you deploy it by hand when needed. The simple 1-fold design makes re-packing a cinch when it comes time to recharge, and safety checks are easy with the inflator inspection window and access flap. The MIT 100 Manual Inflatable PFD provides 28 lbs. of buoyancy and will turn most wearers face-up when inflated.

INSHORE / COASTAL FLOTATION: Move how you want and stay protected. 
Specifically designed for activities where adventurers can see the shore on calm or in-land waters, our in-shore PFDs offer comfort without compromising on user safety, technology, or design.  The MIT technology allows Mustang to make the smallest inflatable PFDs approved in North America, making it your new favorite vest to pack for every inshore adventure. Finally - Inshore flotation that keeps up with you on your every excursion!

  • Approval: TC – Type III Performance (Meets minimum buoyancy rating of 22.5 LBS)
  • Inflator Type: Halkey Roberts
  • Provides 28 LBS of buoyancy when inflated (1.5x regular foam PFDs)
  • Front entry with buckle for convenient donning and doffing
  • High tenacity nylon face fabric is supple and durable
  • Exclusive Membrane Inflatable Technology (MIT) creates a lightweight, flexible fit
  • 1-fold design is easy to repack
  • Inflator inspection window and access flap allow for easy safety checks
  • Inflates via manual inflation cord
  • Will self-right most wearers (face-up) once inflated
  • Compatible with the 1.5” Buckle Belt Extender (model #MA7637)
  • Optional Replacement Mustang Re-Arm Kit "D" Auto & Manual 24G BayonetMA2014
  • Approval: Transport Canada - Automatic Inflatable Version 3 Technology
  • When Sold out → The New MD2021 Convertible/Hybrid Version will take it's place. 
  • Level: Type III Performance - Inshore/Coastal Flotation
  • Inflation: Manual
  • Inflator Type: Halkey Roberts
  •  Outside Shell: Red/Fluorescent Yellow-Green, Grey/Fluorescent Yellow-Green
  • Inside/Inflated Color: Yellow
  • Weight: 1.32lbs [0.60kg]
  • Sizing: Adult Universal
  • Chest (30"-52") [76cm-132cm]
  • Weight: more than 80lbs. [36.3 kg]+
  • Age: Adults over 16 years!
  • Buoyancy when inflated: 124.5N (28lb) - 1.5 x standard foam pfd's
  • Recommend for: Fishing, Sailing, Boating, Paddling, Paddle Sports

Optional Replacement Mustang Re-Arm Kit “D” [MA2014]

  • Can be used in the
  • MD2017, MD2017 02, MD2017 03 Automatic Activation Version as well as the
  • MD2015, MD2015 02, MD2015 03 Manual Activation Version
  • Use only Mustang Survival re-arm kits.
  • Use of other re-arm kits may result in improper operation or failure to operate and will void the product's warranty.



  • Inflator Type: Halkey Roberts Inflator 1F Manual/Automatic Inflator where automatic immersion backup is desirable; Splash & Humidity Resistant, Single Point Indication & Manual Pull 

INFLATION TYPES: Manual, Automatic 

  • Manual Inflation: Inflates by pulling the activation cord.  
    • manual PFD is activated when the user pulls a tab that then triggers the piercing of a CO2 cylinder. 
    • The air coming out of the cylinder will inflate the bladder of the lifejacket and create buoyancy
    • No inadvertent inflation in case of rain, spray, splash or humidity.
    • No need to pull if situation is safe, avoiding unnecessary firing

  • Automatic Inflation: 
    • An automatic PFD is activated when water enters the detector and dissolves a water soluble trigger.
    • Upon firing a mechanism will activate and pierce a CO2 cylinder. 
    • The air coming out of the cylinder will inflate the bladder of the lifejacket and create buoyancy
    • Automatically inflates if the wearer is knocked unconscious