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Mustang Survival M.I.T. 150 Inflatable PFD Convertible Life Vest (Manual/Automatic)

$269.99 CAD MD2021

The new Mustang Survival MIT 150 Hybrid with front entry high buoyancy inflatable PFD offers excellent versatility with the ability to switch between automatic & manual inflation modes. Mustangs Exclusive Membrane Inflatable Technology (M.I.T.) and high tenacity nylon face fabric create a comfortable, lightweight, and flexible fit.

An easy swap of the inflator cap (included) allows you to switch between modes based on your activity and flotation needs. A handy zippered hip pocket keeps your converter cap close, and an inflator inspection window and access flap allow for easy safety checks. The low-profile MIT 150 provides 38 lbs of buoyancy when inflated and keeps you safe anywhere on the water.

INSHORE/COASTAL FLOTATION: Move how you want and stay protected. 
A popular choice for big-water adventurists, coastal cruisers, and general boaters seeking high buoyancy flotation. Specifically designed for activities where adventurers can see the shore on calm or in-land waters, our in-shore PFDs offer comfort without compromising on user safety, technology, or design.  Finally - Inshore flotation that keeps up with you on your every excursion! 

  • Available Fall 2023
  • Approval: Transport Canada – Type III Performance (Meets minimum buoyancy rating of 22.5 LBS)
  • Inflator Type: Halkey Roberts
  • D-ring for engine cut off switch
  • Provides 38 LBS of buoyancy when inflated (2x regular foam PFDs)
  • Front entry with buckle for convenient donning and doffing
  • Convert between automatic and manual only inflation modes by easily swapping inflator caps (included) depending on your situation
  • Zippered hip pocket specifically to carry converter cap
  • High tenacity nylon face fabric is supple and durable
  • Exclusive Membrane Inflatable Technology (MIT) creates a lightweight, flexible fit
  • 1-fold design is easy to repack
  • D-ring for engine cut off switch
  • Inflator inspection window and access flap allow for easy safety checks
  • Will self-right most wearers (face-up) once inflated
  • 1.5" Belt extender sold separately (Model MA7637)
  • Optional Replacement Mustang Re-Arm Kit "F" Auto & Manual 33G No Bayonet Thread - MA7113
  • Approval Transport Canada - > Canadian 
  • Level: Type III Performance → Offshore/Coastal FlotationModel: MD2021 New Hybrid/Convertible Version 
  • Inflation: Hybrid Convertible 
  • Inflator Type: Halkey Roberts
  • Outside Shell: Red/Fluorescent Yellow-Green, Grey/Fluorescent Yellow-Green
  • Inside/Inflated Color: Yellow
  • Sizing: Adult Universal
  • Weight: 1.75lbs [0.80kg]
  • Chest (30"-52") [76cm-132cm]
  • Weight: more than 80lbs. [36.3 kg]+
  • Age: Adults over 16 years!
  • Buoyancy when inflated: 169N (38lb) - almost 2x standard foam pfd's
  • Recommend for: Fishing, Sailing, Boating, Paddle Sports

Optional Replacement Mustang Re-Arm Kit “F” [MA7113]

  • Can be used in the 
  • MD2021, Automatic Manual Activation Version  
  •  Use only Mustang Survival re-arm kits.
  • Use of other re-arm kits may result in improper operation or failure to operate and will void the product's warranty.


  • Inflator Type: Halkey Roberts Inflator 1F Manual/Automatic Inflator where automatic immersion backup is desirable; Splash & Humidity Resistant, Single Point Indication & Manual Pull 

INFLATION TYPES: Manual, Automatic 

  • Manual Inflation: Inflates by pulling the activation cord.  
    • manual PFD is activated when the user pulls a tab that then triggers the piercing of a CO2 cylinder. 
    • The air coming out of the cylinder will inflate the bladder of the lifejacket and create buoyancy
    • No inadvertent inflation in case of rain, spray, splash or humidity.
    • No need to pull if situation is safe, avoiding unnecessary firing

  • Automatic Inflation: 
    • An automatic PFD is activated when water enters the detector and dissolves a water soluble trigger.
    • Upon firing a mechanism will activate and pierce a CO2 cylinder. 
    • The air coming out of the cylinder will inflate the bladder of the lifejacket and create buoyancy
    • Automatically inflates if the wearer is knocked unconscious