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Nemo Fillo HQ Travel Pillow

$69.99 CAD 16100

Jet-Setting Rest That Keeps Your Head Up. Conventional travel neck pillows have an opening at the front, allowing your head to droop forward while you sleep – often resulting in a kink in your neck when you wake up. The Fillo HQ re-thought the travel pillow, and created a thoughtfully designed pillow that supports your head in a comfortable upright position. The open cell foam Head-Quarters is adjustable to comfortably cradle different head and neck sizes, and – unlike inflatable pillows, is unaffected by altitude on planes. The HQ rolls up and packs small, protecting the fabrics that will be next to your skin from germs and dirt while in transit. The soft cotton jersey material is machine washable.

  • Open Cell Foam Insulation
  • 360° support to keep your head upright.
  • Rolls up, protecting the fabric that is against your skin from germs.
  • Packs small, about the size of a grapefruit.
  • Soft jersey cover is machine washable.
  • Adjustable to different head sizes.

  Fillo™ (pronounced “fillow”) 

A great adventure pillow has to have the right combination of ingredients. It needs to feel big, but pack small. It needs to be supple, but have enough support for side sleepers. The pillow accomplishes these contradictions by using a combination of air and foam. 

  • Size: One Size  
  • Shape: Narro Rectangular
  • Color: Purple Stripe, Shale Stripe
  • Minumum Weight:  (Standard) 6 oz [168g]  
  • Dimensions:7" x 26" x 3" [18 x 66 x 8 cm]   
  • Packed Size: 6" x 4" [15 x 10 cm]
  • Insulation Type:Open-Cell Foam
  • Fabric: Washable Cotton/Polyester Jersey
  • Usages: Travel