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Nemo Hornet 2P Footprint

$89.99 CAD 14823

The Nemo Footprint is a smart addition to your Nemo Hornet 2P Tent. The footprint is designed specifically for the tent and can help protect the bottom from damage. Footprint protects the tent floor from damage & prevents ground water from wicking inside prolonging the life of your tent.

    • Designed to fit under Hornet 2P Tent & Hornet Osmo 2P Tent
    • 68D PU Polyester is durable and resists wear from sharp and gravely surfaces.
    • Waterproof to keep the bottom of your tent from getting wet and dirty.
    • Attaches securely to the Hornet at perimeter points.
    • Sized to fit underneath tent without being visible.
    • Included mesh bag with drawstring for storage and transport.
    • Color: Grey
    • Approx:  7.08'  x  (4.25' - 3.58')   [216 x 129 - 109 cm] - Sleeping Area
    • Any 2 Person Rectangular Tents that maybe larger or smaller should be centered under the Sleeping Area Body for maximum coverage.
    • FOOTPRINT Polyester - Customized
    • FABRIC: 68D Polyester 1200mm H20-proof coatings, taped seams.
    • Grommets in 4 Corners to Peg Out!
    • For use: Nemo Hornet 2P Tent


    • EUREKA footprints provide additional durability and protection for your tent floor against rocks, roots and dampness, and they are constructed of heavily coated nylon fabric with a custom-cut shape, guaranteeing a perfect fit every time.
    • Most customers want full coverage fly sheets integrated into their tents, in order to protect them from the rain!
    • No matter how much ventilation that is built into your tent, condensation will accumulate heavily on the fly sheet, especially in the morning... This is why customers always come to us and say their tent leaks...
    • Actually their tent is not leaking at all but it is the evaporation of moisture from the ground that condenses on your fly in the form of moisture, which accumulates on warm nights!
    • You can either wipe your tent fly sheet down with a cloth every morning or...invest in a Tent Footprint to eliminate the moisture.