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Nikwax Down Proof

$17.99 CAD 241

Easy to use, safe, high performance wash in waterproofing for down filled clothing and gear. Adds Durable Water Repellency; reducing weight gain, maintaining the insulation and breathability of down filled items in cold and damp conditions.

  • Increases the effectiveness of the insulation in damp conditions
  • Makes down less susceptible to humidity
  • Wash-in treatment that reduces the water-absorbency of down & adds water-repellency to the outer shell
  • Helps down dry faster & increases the effectiveness of the insulation in damp conditions by helping the down maintain maximum loft Lasts several washings
  • Guaranteed performance for 4 years from manufacturer.


  • Adds/renews water repellency and revives breathability
  • Maintains insulation, keeping you warm
  • Minimizes weight gain
  • Prolongs the life of gear and optimizes performance in wet weather
  • Safe to use on all feather and down garments and equipment
  • Easy to apply - can be used in a washing machine
  • WaterBased - environmentally friendly.
    • Bottle: 10 fl.oz. [300ml]
    • For use on Down-Filled Sleeping Bags & Clothing
    • For convenience use the Down Care Kit which contains both Nixwax Down Wash and Nixwax Down Proof