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Nikwax Fabric & Leather Proof Duo Pack

$38.95 CAD 179

The complete care system for thoroughly cleaning, revitalizing breathability and adding water repellency to all combination fabric and leather footwear. Easy to apply and PFC free.

  • Revives the performance of your footwear, keeping your feet warmer and drier

  • Footwear Cleaning Gel cleans effectively, restores water repellency and revives breathability

  • Fabric & Leather Proof adds water repellency and revives breathability without softening leather

  • Recommended for Gore-Tex®, eVent® and all other waterproof footwear

Bottle: 10 fl. oz. [300ml] Spray on
Duo Pack: 

Spray-on waterproofing conditioner for Fabric and Leather footwear

Spray on Foot Cleaning Gel 

Ideal For:

All full-grain leather footwear (Work, fashion, leisure & sports)

Safe to use on footwear with breathable membranes; Gore-Tex, SympaTex, eVENT...