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Nikwax Tx-Direct Spray

$19.99 CAD 571

The easy to use, safe, high performance spray on waterproofing for wet weather clothing. Adds Durable Water Repellency, revives breathability and maintains internal wicking properties. Ideal for garments with knitted wicking linings or gear that should not be machine washed such as single wall tents & bivy sacks.

  • Reduces the water-absorbency of the outer fabric, optimizing breathability.
  • Quick and easy application can be used anywhere, anytime on wet or dry fabric.
  • Lasts several washings, Safe on Gore-Tex, Ultrex, and Entrant.
  • Non-aerosol, non-flammable and environment safe.
  • Guaranteed performance for 4 years from manufacturer.


  • It rejuvenates the water repellency of tired, worn clothing
  • It overcomes the problems of gear "wetting-out"
  • It maintains breathability
  • It prolongs the life of gear and optimizes performance in wet weather
  • It's easy to apply
    • Bottle: 10 fl.oz. [300ml] spray bottle
    • Ideal for laminates & coatings, clothing without drop liners, hydrophilic PU coatings and Pile Pertex