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Outdoor Survival Canada IGLOO Extreme Sleeping Bag (-40F/-40C) - SPECIAL ORDER

$1,549.99 CAD OSCD
Sleep comfortably in the OSC Igloo Extreme Sleeping Bag knowing that you will be warm even in the coldest weather. Temperature rating of up to -76°F [-60°C]. Waterproof, windproof and breathable. Moisture wicking Liner.
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    • Temperature rating of -40°F [-40°C] and up to -76°F [-60°C] with addition of second comforter
    • Entrax 800 Outer Shell – Waterproof, Windproof and Stain Resistant Outer Shell (Critical seams are sealed)
    • Polyester Micro Fleece liner  – Moisture Wicking and Breathable
    • Solar 800 Lining – Solar technology further enhances the warmth-trapping capabilities for maximum protection against the cold.
    • 650 Loft Power Premium Down
    • Dry Clean Only
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty
    • Colour: Cold Lake Blue
    • Size: 45" x 91" [114 x 231cm]
    • Down Weight: 4 lb [1.8 kg]
    • Carry Weight: 20 lb [9.1 kg]
    • Temperature:  -40°F [-40°C] and up to -76°F [-60°C]



    Outer Shell: Entrax 800 Proprietary Tuff + Durable nylon fabrication laminatedd behind, to achieve waterproof, windproof, and breathable standards.

    Down Casing made of 100% high-count Cotton Baffle housing 35g of 650 LP Down.
     (using only this layer offers a temperature Rating of -40°F [-40°C])

    Solar 800 Lining: Solar 800 technology further enhances the wrmth-trapping capabilities for maximum protection against the cold.

    A second REMOVABLE Down Casing houses 28g of 650 LP Down, which when added to the base SLeeping Bag brings it up to -76°F [-60°C] Temperature Rating.

    Poly Microfleece moisture-wicking liner is soft and warm on first contact with body.

    Entire Sleeping Bag to be Professionally Dry Cleaned only, with the exception of the microfleece liner which can be removed and machine washed separately.